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Professional Life Coaching for People in Recovery
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Struggling to figure out what you want to do with your life? Trying to find motivation or drive to keep moving forward?
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Mission & Vision

To provide clarity and focus for young adults in recovery, so they can create and achieve their highest goals and aspirations!

Everyday People

Citizens In Recovery provides coaching and mentoring for individuals that need help transitioning into the next phase of life after drug and alcohol treatment. We primarily serve individuals in the Southern CA region but have the ability to work with people remotely utilizing a thorough assessment process.This enables us to still connect with the client, motivate them and monitor their progress.

Are you new to recovery and trying to make your way? Have you overcome the devastating grips of addiction and created an amazing life, or are you still struggling and not sure where to turn next? This is an opportunity to take your recovery into the real world and elevate your life!

Citizens in Recovery helps individuals find their resilience and inner power to advance in life, helping remove the stigma of addiction and mental health that prevents so many from overcoming their own personal struggles and reaching their true potential. Addiction is not a matter of will power and it is not something to be ashamed of! It is the result of the maladaptive coping mechanisms used to deal with adverse events from the past. It is not your fault and your will power had nothing to do with it. Until our society really begins to understand this and starts talking about it more openly, without shame, judgement or bias, the epidemic of addiction and mental health will continue, and we will keep spending billions of dollars to “fight” it…unsuccessfully. Our children and loved ones will continue struggle unnecessarily and we will continue to ask why this is happening, when the answers are in our grasp.

Citizens in Recovery is here to help you thrive and learn how to work through your challenges without remorse or shame. It is a part of all our lives and it is not going away anytime soon. Whether you are a CEO, a doctor, a waiter or a janitor, our stories have a common them; adversity is confronting all of us, and sometimes we don’t have the answers. The more we come out and talk about it the more we can help ourselves and others recover. Please join us and be a part of a new paradigm!

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What is stopping you from achieving everything you ever wanted in life? We will uncover it and you will be heard, understood, supported, motivated and inspired!

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When I first did Breathwork I had no idea what I was getting into!  I just thought it would be some form of meditation and I might be able to relax a bit.

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I will help you overcome your stumbling blocks & create the life you've been dreaming about!

About Eric Johnston

Eric Johnston is a Certified Professional Coach that brings over 20 years of professional business experience in Business Development and Operations.  As a person with over 24 years of recovery experience, Eric has made it his mission in life to help individuals navigate life after spending time in treatment, or after continuous efforts of trying to “straighten up”, but not being able to sustain it. His personal experience and philosophy of addressing our deep-rooted, core issues are the centerpiece for learning to walk through life with confidence, resilience and purpose. If we can truly come to grips with our past and let it stay where it belongs; in the past, we can begin to build a new life and a new future that lives up to our biggest dreams and aspirations.