Citizens In Recovery

About the Founder

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker

Eric Johnston is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) bringing over 20 years of professional business experience in Sales, Marketing and Operations.  As a person with over 24 years of recovery experience, Eric has made it his mission in life to help individuals build productive and fulfilling lives after going to treatment. His personal experience and philosophy of addressing core issues are the centerpiece for learning to walk through life with resilience, confidence and purpose. If we can come to grips with our past, we can build a new life that fulfills our biggest dreams and aspirations. This means letting go of the some of the beliefs we have about ourselves and others that may not be accurate.  All of this experience led Eric to getting his certification so he can help people get to the truth about what really holds them back.

Eric always puts his clients first! The client’s ambitions, passions and motivations are what he taps into. Empathy, compassion and connection are what he believes will help individuals walk through challenging situations. Eric truly understands the need to feel gotten and connected to someone who supports and encourages them. He has seen the potential of so many individuals get thwarted by a lack of support and guidance after getting out of treatment. His primary objective is to be the bridge that helps people find their way through the darkness, and get to the light that shines so bright in all of us.

Eric is currently President of The Light Fund, providing resources and financial assistance to individuals seeking help for addiction. Eric also served a 2 year term as President of the Men’s Association for Addiction Treatment. He moved to Southern California to pursue an acting career and spent a few years working in the film industry. Eric went back to the corporate world for many years but the treatment field was calling him. He served as Executive Director of a very successful outpatient facility and consulted with treatment centers for many years. Eric has trained to do interventions and studied various trauma informed modalities. This education has given him a broad understanding of how to work with individuals and families. He  always works very closely with licensed professionals to make sure clients receive the proper care when the needs become more severe.

When Eric is not working, he is coaching soccer or baseball with his son,  or working with his beautiful wife on her skin line. Eric is a thrill seeker, having been a skater, surfer and snowboarder for most of his life. He loves playing drums, golfing, surfing or taking fitness and conditioning classes. Eric finished the Ironman 140.6 in Arizona in 2010 and hopes to complete another one in the future. Finally, Eric also loves facilitating Breathwork and gong therapy classes in his spare time, helping people relieve stress and anxiety through this exhilarating technique.