The Challenge

People aren't getting enough support when they leave treatment. As a result, they don't get to the core issues of why they drink and/or use drugs. Rehab is not enough! The clients get some "tools" to apply when they get home, but they usually don't follow through or move forward with the plan. Many go right back to the same old routine, and now the family has spent thousands of dollars and their loved one has to go back to rehab. This has been the cycle for too many families.

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The Solution

We help people successfully transition back into the real world after they leave rehab. We don't focus on the dis-ease because we focus on connection. Since the journey of recovery can feel so lonely and isolating, having a life coach who has been through it, and knows how to work through these types of challenges is extremely reassuring. Through the assessment process, we get to the core of what is holding someone back, and we teach them how to work through their issues and resolve them. If a higher level of care is required, our network of clinical resources teams up with us to ensure that the individual is getting the support they need. Together, we help people discover the power inside of them that has always been there.

Life happens...and sometimes, sh*t happens. We help individuals to avoid slipping back into old beliefs and behaviors, and create strategies for coping with setbacks. This is where people discover their resilience and start learning they are not as powerless as they believed.

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The Approach

The first step is developing trust and rapport with each other. If you don't trust someone, then you aren't going to listen to them. We develop a partnership that makes people feel safe enough to express what's really going on. So, they trust that there will be no judgement or criticism and they can reveal their true feelings. Once we identify the problem, we utilize theories based in neuroscience to determine exactly how it is affecting the individual and how it is manifesting itself. Then, we develop a strategy to remedy it.

Each individual requires a specific plan, based on a variety of factors. There is no "silver bullet", no "magic pill" and no "one size fits all" solution. So, we have to determine what works for them, what they are willing to do to get their desired results, and how committed they are to the process. From there, we create a strategy that is capable of handling all that life has to throw at us. Each of us has specific circumstances, so we need to take that into consideration to ensure the best chance for success.

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