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Resilience and the Power of Determination


I am going to be very honest with you, after all that Tiger has endured over the past 12 years, I really didn’t think that he could rise back to the glory that he once achieved. However, I should’ve known better because I have done a lot of the same, just in a different way, and probably on a smaller scale. Although, our experiences are all subjective, and what seems like a mountain to one person, may be a mole hill to another. That is what makes Tigers accomplishment so incredible. If you look at the adversity that he has overcome, most people would not be able to endure the struggle at the level that he did.

First off, the physical pain of Tiger’s back issues, the broken knee and all of the other challenges that he has had to face over the years, on top of aging, would leave most people surrendering to their demise. On top of that, Tiger had to change the way he swung the golf club to mitigate further injury and still allow for the best possible outcome. He truly is a remarkable physical athlete!

Secondly, and more important, the mental and emotional toll of the events in his life, including the physical injuries, were incredibly daunting and significant. Being in the public eye, having to deal with the divorce from the mother of his children, whom he had cheated on, had to have been a powerfully challenging time for Tiger. The emotional toll that it took on him, in combination with his physical limitations, led me to believe that he was in for the competition of his life.  The ostracizing and condemnation that he endured must have been devastating to his soul, his ego and his sense of wellbeing. For Tiger to face these challenges head on, to continue pushing forward, consistently working harder and harder to move ahead, demonstrates the absolute resilience and tenacity of the human spirit that anyone can possess if they dedicate themselves to whatever they are passionate about. Yes, of course there is a bit of luck, talent and skill involved in golf, but the number of failures and number of hours learning from those failures set Tiger up to achieve his ultimate success, thus far. Nobody can deny him that credit.

I heard rumors about Tiger and the help he was receiving, and I don’t know what truth any of them hold, but I do know that the kind of help he was supposedly receiving was substantial. I say this because many peoplein our society don’t know or understand what it is like to get psychological care or treatment, because they don’t believe in it or they have some sort of bias about it, based on the abhorrible stigma of mental health and addictions that is entrenched in our culture. Even if the rumors are false, I guarantee you that Tiger Woods works with a psychological coach to help him in his mental and emotional game.

I spent many years cheering against Tiger because I always cheered for the underdog, which does say a lot about me. Watching Tiger rise back to the top after what looked to be the end of an era, has made me a huge fan of the best, and striving to be the best, ALL OF THE TIME!  Congrats to Tiger, and congrats to those who strive to succeed after failing horribly or stumbling along the road of your path to success!

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