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Life Coaching

If you feel like you have been on the hamster wheel and you really do want change, let’s do this! What is stopping you from achieving everything you ever wanted in life? We will uncover it and you will be heard, understood, supported, motivated and inspired! We will look at what is blocking you, your belief systems, your attachment challenges and the ideas that you construct which prevent you from truly thriving! The next step uncover who you really are and what you are here to do, and make a plan. Nothing is more important than having connection, understanding and trust, so we will develop that! All of this will culminate in ending this cycle of futility, and create a new script with a new outcome. There is no reason why you can’t have what you have always dreamed of!

Life and recovery coaching

The Challenge

People are not getting better! Too many trips to rehab have created hopelessness! You get some tools but don’t use them when you come home, and you go right back to the same old routine and question why it happened! Even though you have worked on your “issues”, it still isn’t helping you move forward. It just seems futile. If a life coach who provides mentoring could get out of this cycle, would you accept the help?

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The Solution

Connection!! We have walked in the shoes of so many that are on the path of recovery. Having a life coach who is only interested in your success and happiness is what you need. We get to the core of what holds you back, help you release it and create your new life. Together we will unleash the power inside you that has always been there, but you just never knew how to tap into it.

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The Approach

You need to trust me, right? We develop a partnership that makes you feel comfortable enough to express yourself without judgement or criticism from me.  You can find your passion and purpose, and create the life you always envisioned while maintaining your emotional, spiritual and physical well being in recovery! You have the all the answers, I will help you find them.

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“A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” – Timothy Ferriss

Individual Sessions & Monthly Options


Individual sessions are specifically focused on a particular issue, i.e. career, relationship, school, etc., and are offered in 5 session bundles. We recommend 5 sessions, minimum, because no issue can be resolved in one meeting. Building new behavior patterns and habits is a process that takes time.

Payment for services is expected at the time of sign up.


Packages are designed to help clients develop essential habits and behavior patterns to create long term sustainable success in recovery, and in life.  The shortest recommended term is 3 months because it provides time to create new habits, experiences and perspectives that help reshape how the client deals with challenges and success. This is the most critical piece in building resilience so individuals can learn how to move through adversity. 

Payment for services is expected at the time of sign up. 

Packages include various combinations of services listed below, based on the specific needs and requirements of the client.

  • Needs Based Assessment
  • Recovery Based Assessment
  • Goals & Objectives – “Stands”
  • Skills Development & Consultation
  • Weekly meetings – 1hr per session
  • Plan of Action
  • Finding & Creating Balance
  • Professional Development
  • Family Coaching
  • Strategic Planning & Execution