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Life and recovery coaching

The Challenge

People are not getting better! Too many trips to rehab have created hopelessness! You get some tools but don’t use them when you come home. You go right back to the same old routine and you don’t know why! You have worked on your “issues”, but it still isn’t helping you move forward. It just seems futile. If a life coach who provides mentoring could get out of this cycle, would you accept the help?

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The Solution

Connection!! We have walked in the shoes of so many that are on the path of recovery. Having a life coach who is only interested in your success and happiness is what you need. We will get to the core of what is holding you back, help you release it and create your new life. Together we will unleash the power inside you that has always been there, but you just never knew how to tap into it.

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The Approach

You need to trust me, right? As your life coach, we will develop a partnership enabling you to identify and execute on your goals and objectives without judgement or criticism.  My coaching will help you find your passion and purpose and create the life you envisioned, while maintaining your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing in recovery! You have the answers, you just need to uncover them.

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